Created for Intro to Game design, this was a two week assignment. The game was displayed at the Becker College booth at PAX East in 2012 and 2013. I want to primarily focus on the game design and programing task using GameMaker 8.1. There are few hidden gameplay features, if you beat the level without shoot anything you get a big point bonus at the end of the level. There is also a hidden combo tracker where you get bonus points if you kill the same color enemy three times in arrow. The game is based on Ikaruga originally on the Sega NAOMI board before being ported to the Dreamcast. These are part of the primary blue ship in the game the second yellow ship has a experimentally shooting mechanic. A portal, I want to see if I could use the same concept that were used in portal but in more of combat setting instead of a puzzle setting. The portal would be controlled by the player not by a scripted or set areas like in Prey.
Music From Ikaruga, R-type 3, R-type Delta
Sprites based on Tryrian, Super R-type,R-type
sound effects from R-type Delta