Student Work From Teaching

I teach at Brookdale Community College in 100 and 200 level courses in a Scrum project based class structure.

Intro To Unity: Topics Covered

  • Agile/Scrum, Software development cycle

  • C# SOLID Design Principle

  • Unity Editor (Animations, Sound, VFX, UI, Prefabs, Asset pipeline)

  • 4 Projects (Roller Ball, FPS Maze, Breakout, VC Prototype Pitch)

    Unreal Engine 5 Level Design: Topics Covered

    • Level Flow, World Building

    • Unreal Editor( Animations, Sound, VFX, UI, Prefabs, Asset pipeline)

    • Blueprints, Live Link, Location-based XR

    • 4 Projects (Platform Map, Open world map, Sim map, Free Project)

    Used with permission from former students