Vistics is a 2.5D virtual reality platformer in which players must explore 3D space using a VR headset to jump and dash their way around the virtual world of the computer system Vistics. Vistics uses a neural-network AI to adjust camera movement on a per-user basis

Displayed at MagFest 2017, Indiecade East 2015/2016, PAX East 2016,Gamacon 2015, Google, World’s Fair Nano, Cornell Tech, Playcrafting NYC and more.
Mention on Eurogamer, Gizmodo, SkilledUp, Popmatters, and more.

Built in Unreal Engine 4

Location based VR platform

Built in Unity

An accurate-to-scale recreation of the Worcester Art Museum for use with the Oculus Rift DK1/2, with a focus on accessibility

Displayed at Pax East 2014, Boston Museum of Science, and Made in MA 2014
Mention in Betaboston, Drink About Museums Boston, and more

Built In Unreal 4 and UDK

360 video production for brand activation and real estate


Shot using the Nokia Ozo Camera