Don your VR headset to explore the Vistics computer system. Once inside the system, jump and dash your way around the world while using your headset to find new paths to explore in this 2.5D virtual reality platformer.
Designed and built exclusively for virtual reality. Vistics is still under development and is targeting a 2017 release on digital store fronts.

Displayed at NYC VR, NYC Arcade 2015, Cornell Tech Disruptive Tech Day, Indiecade East 2015/2016, Playcraft NYC Summer/Spring Expo 2015/2016, Game A Con 2015, NYC Arcade Winter/Summer Expo 2015, PAX East 2016, Google Demo Night 2016, MagFest 2017.

Game A Con 2015 – Best Technology (Link)

Mention in   Eurogamer(Link), Gizmodo (Link 20min mark), SkilledUp (Link), PopMatters(Link), TheInk(Link), Nardio (Link), Nerdier Tides (Link)

Material Design/Level Design/Programming/Blueprint Scripting/Game Design: Scott Tongue
Hard-surface Artwork: Brandon Hatcher, Nicholas Krauss, Ian Davies
Animations/Character Model: Vincent DeLuca
Music/Sound Effects: Christopher Hopkins
Script/Writing: Katie Muller
Voice Acting: Tom Fruehsamer
Other Assets: Unreal Engine 4 Starter Content/Market Place
Created in Unreal Engine 4 (4.5.X/4.6.X/4.7.X/4.8.X/4.10.X/4.11.X/4.13.X)