Virtual Rift Museum Space

Designed around accessible with the use of an ambidextrous one-handed gamepad. The Virtual Rift Museum Space also works with Nvidia 3D Vision and Tridef 3D stereoscopic drivers in the UDK Version. Unreal Engine 4 Development began during GDC 2014, a playable demo was created in the engine for PAX East 2014 for the Becker College Booth. Worked on all UDK and Unreal Engine 4 tasks. UDK version is Oculus Rift DK1 compatible and the Unreal Engine 4 version is DK1 and DK2 compatible. Worked on all Unreal Engine 4 and UDK Tasks

Featured on (Link), Telegram (Link,Link2), Drink About Museums Boston (Link), MTBS3D (Link), Becker Bridges (Link Pages 6-7).

Created in UDK-2013-09 RC2/Unreal Engine 4 (4.0.X/4.1.X/4.2.X/4.3.X/4.4.X/4.5.X)
Art Assets created by Janet Tremblay
Music: Forlorn No Piano: From