About Me

SelfMy name is Scott Tongue, and I have two interests that are on the two polar opposites of the technology spectrum: Equestrian and Game software. I started riding horse in Texas when I was 5. I started my riding career with the western style. I started to become heavily invested in creating various maps and mods for various arena shooters on the PC, and in the early 2000′s created 16 bit real mode MS-DOS games based on various 80′s arcade games in C++ while in High School. I also took and passed the CompTIA A+ exam when I was 16.

I ride a previously neglected clydesdale/thoroughbred horse. He was bad shape when I first met him at stables during undergraduate, I helped turned him around along with my trainers. I got him to canter and jump over small cross rails despite what was said about him. He is now home with me at long last.

Favorite Games

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Star Wars:Tie Fighter, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, Quake III: Arena , Super Metroid, Half-Life, Half-Life:Alyx, Child Of Eden

Favorite Films

Blade Runner, Tron, Inception, Grave of the Fire flies


Equestrian, Chess, Hockey, Film, Computer Hardware, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Video Games


Scott Tongue
XR Designer/Developer