About Me

SelfMy name is Scott Tongue, and I have two interests that are on the two polar opposites of the technology spectrum: Equestrian and Game software. I started riding horse in Texas when I was 5. I started my riding career with the western style. I started to become heavily invested in creating various maps and mods for various arena shooters on the PC, and in the early 2000′s created 16 bit real mode MS-DOS games based on various 80′s arcade games in C++ while in High School. I also took and passed the CompTIA A+ exam when I was 16.

I ride a previously neglected clydesdale/thoroughbred horse. He was bad shape when I first met him at stables during undergraduate, I helped turned him around along with my trainers. I got him to canter and jump over small cross rails despite what was said about him. He is now home with me at long last.

Currently I am playtester for Natural Selection II, and Subnautica; in addition to working on bring Vistics to market.

Favorite Games

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Star Wars:Tie Fighter, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, Quake III: Arena , Super Metroid, Half-Life, Child Of Eden

Favorite Films

Blade Runner, Tron, Inception, Grave of the Fire flies


Equestrian, Chess, Hockey, Film, Computer Hardware, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Video Games


Scott Tongue
Level Designer
Email: Scott@Scotttongue.com

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